our roots

Founded in 2016, ROOTED FLORAL COMPANY was born out of a desire to support the community by spreading joy and love through flowers. 

Located in the Alger Heights neighborhood of Grand Rapids, MI, ROOTED FLORAL COMPANY is run out of Lindsay Laplow's home studio.

Lindsay has worked in the floral industry for over 12 years. Working first in 2005 at a small, family owned floral shop in her hometown of Midland, MI, her interest in flower care and floral design began. She enjoyed working with flowers so much, she decided to pursue the same career path when she moved to Grand Rapids in 2012. Her first place of employment in the new city was at larger floral shop, which taught her how to balance being a full service florist and a wholesaler providing bulk flowers in the same breath. After four years at that company, she decided to branch out on her own and founded ROOTED FLORAL COMPANY. Lindsay's love for flowers continues to grow, and her passion can be seen through her creative design work and wonderful relationships with local flower farmers.

Although she currently works out of her home studio, Lindsay is searching to find the perfect brick and mortar building to house ROOTED. Until then, her little home studio will be filled to the brim with hard work, love, and flowers galore.