How do i contact you?

You can use the CONTACT page on our website, send us a message on FACEBOOK, or email us directly at

Where do your flowers come from?

We are passionate about our community and the people that live and work in it. To help promote our hard-working neighbors, we buy the majority of our flowers locally and are part of the SLOW FLOWERS movement. While we cannot solely purchase our flowers from only American farms at this time, we will choose a US farm over an imported shipment for every one of our orders unless completely unavoidable and absolutely necessary.

How can I make my cut flowers last?

Flowers thrive when in the right environment and some varieties can last upwards of two weeks if cared for properly. To insure that the blooms last for days after leaving our studio, please do the following:

  • Always keep flowers in water:

    • If they have been out of water for more than 30 minutes, give them a fresh cut on an angle with a sharp knife and immediately place them in water.

    • Always use clean, cool water to place stems into. Mix a package of Floralife flower food into the water before starting to prolong their life even more.

    • Add water to the vase daily.

      • If the water gets cloudy, replace the water entirely.

  • Clear off all leaves that fall below the water level: Leaves breed bacteria, and bacteria will shorten the life of your bloom.

  • If a flower within your bouquet wilts and starts to drop petals, remove that flower from the vase immediately so as to not spread bacteria to the rest of the arrangement.

  • Keep your arrangement in a cool area (between 60-72 degrees Fahrenheit is best) in your home or office:

    • Do not place them under or above a heat vent.

    • Do not place them in direct sunlight.

    • Do not place them near fruit and vegetables.

  • Enjoy them: Look at them everyday and take in their beauty!

What are my payment options?

We currently accept cash, credit cards, Venmo, and checks written to Rooted Floral Company.

Do you deliver?

Yes! We will deliver your arrangements anywhere within the greater Grand Rapids, MI area for free. If you’re located outside of Grand Rapids, we calculate delivery per mile from our studio.

Will you set up my event?

Yes! We can set everything up for you for a small fee. Prices vary, so please send us a message or give us a call to tell us the specifics and we'll be happy to discuss your options.