One Whole Year

Our very first anniversary snuck right up on me.

We've been so busy that I honestly wouldn't have even remembered had it not been mentioned in the interview that we had with Victoria Blevins a few weeks ago. She posted the write up on her blog at ALGERHEIGHTS.COM and we were so flattered when we read it.

I'm especially glad that there was such an emphasis on the fact that we are here because we care about our community. We love our local flower farms and are so happy to have the ability to help support them.

Hopefully we'll soon be able to offer our floral designs and other local talented artist's pieces in a space outside of my little home studio.

Perhaps it's a big dream for a little floral biz just embarking on their one year anniversary, but why shouldn't we dream big? This warm, neighborly, and talented community deserves it.

Click here to read our feature!

Click here to read our feature!

Happy Anniversary, Rooted. <3

Lindsay Laplow