Valentine's Day Pop-Up

Join us for a special Valentine's Day Pop-Up hosted at REINSPIRED TREASURES!

We'll be taking orders Saturday, February 10, 2018 from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Orders will be ready for pick up on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 from 4:00 - 6:00 pm and Wednesday, February 14, 2018 from 10:00 am - 6:00 pm.
We'll also have pre-made bouquets and arrangements ready for purchase on February 14, 2018 until we sell out.

Feel free to place an order early!

Pop Up Market Update

My goodness. Our little booth at the EASTERN & ALGER POPUP MARKET sold out of flowers on Saturday.

We're so excited that we did so well, but feel a bit sad that the last last hour we didn't have anything in our booth. If you were one of the people who stopped by after 2pm and found that we were out, I'm so sorry, I promise that it surprised us too.


Next time, we're doubling up on our stock. So please stop back out in September. We'll be there, and we'll have beautiful artfully arranged hand tied locally grown flowers.

We'll see you Saturday, September 16 from 9am - 3pm!

One Whole Year

Our very first anniversary snuck right up on me.

We've been so busy that I honestly wouldn't have even remembered had it not been mentioned in the interview that we had with Victoria Blevins a few weeks ago. She posted the write up on her blog at ALGERHEIGHTS.COM and we were so flattered when we read it.

I'm especially glad that there was such an emphasis on the fact that we are here because we care about our community. We love our local flower farms and are so happy to have the ability to help support them.

Hopefully we'll soon be able to offer our floral designs and other local talented artist's pieces in a space outside of my little home studio.

Perhaps it's a big dream for a little floral biz just embarking on their one year anniversary, but why shouldn't we dream big? This warm, neighborly, and talented community deserves it.

Click here to read our feature!

Click here to read our feature!

Happy Anniversary, Rooted. <3

Lindsay Laplow
Eastern & Alger Pop Up Market - June 2017

Hello there!

Sam and I have been busy talking with local farms lately. Getting all of the good stuff for our events.

Tomorrow is our first ever pop-up shop at the EASTERN & ALGER POPUP MARKET.

Stop by and say hello from 9am-3pm!

If you can't make it this time, that's okay: We'll have a booth at the market all summer long! You can find us there every third Saturday of each month.

Lindsay Laplow
Hello World.

Hi. I'm Lindsay: The owner of ROOTED FLORAL COMPANY.

I've wanted to start this floral business for years. I had been dreaming of not only being my own boss, but just having the opportunity to design using flowers everyday. Getting to call the shots when it comes to who supplies the flowers, designing the creative and gorgeous arrangements that are ordered, and being the one to connect with customers one-on-one...It's an all encompassing role, and that's what I really wanted.

It's important to me, in this day of the digital, that people don't lose their connections with each other. Not the add-me-on-Facebook-so-I-can-look-through-your-life-from-afar kind of connections, but real, face-to-face, supporting-one-another-throughout-the-day-as-well-as-big-life-events connections.

It's an interesting thing for an introvert to desire, and if I'm being honest, I don't always choose to socialize if I'm given the opportunity. However, when it comes to supporting others, then I'm there in a heartbeat.

And that's where ROOTED was formed.

What if I can make beautiful floral arrangements while also supporting the people in my life that I see everyday? How can I help sustain my neighbors lives while also living my dream? How can I make people happy?

Flowers that are grown out of love and go through less processing are so much nicer than flowers grown halfway across the world, dry packed, and then shipped to customers who then have to cut them, hydrate them, and hope they didn't get bruised or moldy or broken in transit. It's always a gamble when ordering from farms you can't visit, so why not cut that out of the equation almost entirely? The answer was so plainly in my face: Buy most of the product from local farms which supports the hard working neighbors that grow the flowers. This simple answer keeps us in touch with the people around us that are making their livelihood out of their love of flowers too.

How's that for a step in the direction of reestablishing connections?

  • Support our local farmers
  • Connect more closely with our community
  • Provide the best, longest lasting, most beautiful product available
  • Stay rooted in our passion

I hope that others will come to love our philosophy too. And to the people who already do: Hello! I cannot wait to meet  you!